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BMW 1 Serie E82&E88 Carbon fiber         BMW 2 Serie F22, F23, F87 M2 Carbon fiber         BMW 3 / 4Serie (E36, E46, E90, E92, F30, F32, F80, F82, G20, G22, G80, G82) Carbon fiber     

BMW 5 Serie (E39, E60 , F10 M5 ) Carbon fiber           BMW 8 Serie G14, G15, G16, F91, F92, F93, M8 Carbon fiber          BMW 6 Serie(E63, E64, F12, F13, M6) Carbon fiber        BMW X5 ( F15, F85) Carbon fiber

BMW-X6( E71, E72, F16, F86 ) Carbon fiber          BMW Z4 (E85, E86, E89, G29) Carbon fiber            BMW i8 (I12) Carbon fiber

MINI GEN 1 (R50, R52, R53) Carbon fiber  
      MINI GEN 2 (R55, R56, R57, R58, R59) Carbon fiber          MINI R60 COUNTRYMAN Carbon fiber    

 MINI GEN 3 (F55, F56, F57) Carbon fiber          MINI GEN 3 F54 CLUBMAN Carbon fiber

PORSCHE 996, 997 Carbon fiber 
        PORSCHE 991 Carbon fiber        PORSCHE 992 Carbon fiber         PORSCHE 981 CAYMAN/ BOXSTER Carbon fiber          PORSCHE 958 CAYENNE Carbon fiber

AUDI A4 B8 Carbon fiber  
       AUDI A5 S5 RS5 8T Carbon fiber          AUDI A5 S5 RS5 8W Carbon fiber              AUDI TT/ TTS 8J MK2 Carbon fiber           AUDI Q5 8R Carbon fiber     

AUDI Q7 4M Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber / Carbon fibre Skinning for other car models, please email us



             N.V.D. Autosport specializes in Carbon fibre/ Carbon fiber/ Carbon kevlar lamination parts available in 3 types of carbon fibre: Black carbon fibre, Silver carbon fiber, Red carbon fibre. Our specializations are in BMW E31, BMW E36, BMW E46, BMW E90, BMW E92, BMW E93, BMW E92 M3, BMW F30, BMW E39, BMW E60 M5, BMW E63 E64 M6, BMW Z4 E85, BMW Z4 E86, BMW Z4 E89, BMW E82, BMW E88, BMW X6 E71, BMW X6 E72, BMW Mini Cooper / Cooper S R50, Mini R52, Mini R53, Mini R56, Mini R57, Mini R58, Mini R59, Mini R60, MINI F55, MINI F56, Porsche 996, Porsche 997, Porsche 991 carbon fibre lamination. Our carbon fibre lamination parts are both the carbon fibre interior parts and exterior parts. In addition to the said cars, we also do the carbon fibre lamination for Ferrari, Audi, Ford, Toyota, Honda and Super sport cars.

            We also have the custom carbon fibre lamination service if the customers can send the parts to us. If you do not see the parts that you are looking for, please send us the e-mail

            What is carbon fibre?

               What exactly is carbon fiber (or carbon fibre, as the British say)? It all started with the extremely thin graphite fiber whose carbon molecules form crystals that are in line with the fiber. That orientation makes the fiber extremely strong. Individual fibers are then combined into yarn, and the yarn is used to weave the carbon fiber fabric that gives carbon fiber parts their characteristic look and texture
           Why use carbon fiber parts in your cars? For the same reason why automobile enthusiasts all over the world customize and modify their cars. We like to make a statement and personalize our vehicles. If cool, elegant looks also contribute to performance, like lowered weight and better aerodynamics, that's even better. Carbon fiber delivers in every respect.
           What can carbon fiber be used for in your cars? Almost everything. Some people think carbon fiber is primarily for hoods or body kits and it certainly is a great material for those, but it doesn't end there. You can also get carbon fiber door sills, headlamp trim, grilles, door handles, kick panels, intake covers, mirror covers, side mirrors, front splitters, handbrake levers, steering wheel trim, arm rests, and just about anything else you can think of



 Ferrari 355, 360, 360CS, 575M, Modena carbon fibre shift paddles  Ferrari 355, 360, 360CS, 575M, Modena carbon fibre shift paddles  Ferrari 355, 360, 360CS, 575M, Modena carbon fibre shift paddlesFerrari F360, 360CS, 575M Carbon fibre / Carbon fiber Shift Paddles

ferrari f355 carbon fiber door sill Ferrari F355 Carbon fiber / carbon fibre door sills

Ferrari F360 Carbon fiber door panel Ferrari F360 Carbon fiber / Carbon fibre door panel Ferr

 Mercedes Benz SLK R171 Carbon fibre AMG rear boot wing Mercedes Benz SLK R171 Carbon fibre AMG rear boot wing


Subaru Impreza GD '04 carbon fibre front grille\Subaru Impreza'04 Carbon front grilles   Subaru Impreza GD carbon fiber gauge pod Subaru Impreza GD Carbon gauge pod